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Two Speed Coaxial Agitator

Two Speed Coaxial Agitator

The double speed mixer is designed to solve the dispersing problems, such as mixture between high viscosity fluid and low viscosity fluid, dispersion and emulsification of high viscosity fluid. The inside and outside impellers of this coaxial agitator operate independently with two kinds of speeds. Meanwhile this dual speed mixer can meet the demand of mixing, scattering, reaction and emulsifying. It adopts high-speed stirring in the middle and low-speed at the sides. Generally this double speed mixer machine is used in the medium or high viscosity occasion, and Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.

Features of Two Speed Coaxial Agitator
1. The double speed mixer is made of main engine, auxiliary engine, speed reducer, inside and outside impellers and shafts. And various impellers can be interchanged.
2. This coaxial agitator machine has the dispersing and mixing functions.
3. Characteristics of this double speed mixer include smooth running, large bearing capacity, high efficiency of transmission, high stirring quality and no dead mixing zone.
4. The scraper can prevent materials from sticking and blocking, and can improve heat transfer efficiency.
5. This dual speed mixer can stir materials properly and evenly.

ZZ Group. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of coaxial agitator in China. With multiple experts, we are a national hi-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and research and development of mixing equipment, dual speed mixer and transmission for stirring pot. Our products mainly include mixing impeller, dispersator, portable mixer, magnetic stirrer, belt drive agitator, gear drive mixer and mixing stands. Our double speed mixers are exported to Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Canada, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and Mexico.

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