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In-Line Coaxial Mixers

In-line coaxial mixers make it possible to pump, disperse, homogenize and emulsify materials with the same equipment. The in-line mixers get rid of the randomness in the impeller mixing, thereby greatly reducing stirring time and enhancing product quality. The in-line coaxial agitators are useful in chemical, food-processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics production processes. This coaxial mixer can work with a recirculation tank reaching the maximum efficiency after passing through the agitator several times.

Features of Coaxial Agitator
1. This coaxial mixer machine can be used to facilitate heat transfer, mass transfer and reaction engineering.
2. High shear in-line mixers are capable of reducing mixing times by up to 90%.
3. This coaxial agitator offers a more controlled mixing environment and occupies less space.
4. This coaxial mixer has many advantages, such as simple operation, easy maintenance, low raw material loss as well as low power requirements.
5. Equilibrium mixing can be accomplished by passing the products through the high-shear in-line mixer more than once.
6. There is no raw material handling process pollution when the inline mixer is running.
7. This in-line coaxial mixer adopts stainless steel polishing processing.

ZZ Group. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of coaxial mixers in China. Our mixing machine and equipment mainly include mixing impeller, mixers, dispersator, portable mixer, magnetic stirrer, belt drive mixer, gear drive mixer, coaxial agitator, in-line mixer and mixing brackets. We can offer inline mixers which are more optimized and reliable as well as lower process maintenance and operation costs. We adopt professional standard specifications and strict quality management system to ensure the technologies and coaxial mixers meet the demands of customers.

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