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Cone Mixing Agitator

Cone Mixing Agitator

This cone screw mixer with high speed is widely used in chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The conical mixer has strong adaptability to the blended materials. This cone screw mixer can not produce overheating phenomenon for thermal sensitive substances. In addition, the series conical screw mixers will not generate stratification and segregation phenomenon for the compounds with different specific gravity and granularity. Besides, the series high speed conical mixers are able to stir the coarse material, fine stuff, superfine powder and other particles, fibers or flaky substances very well.

Working Principle of Conical Mixer
This cone screw mixer is made of driving device, helix, cylinder body, cylinder cover and discharging valve. The two asymmetrical helixes of the conical screw mixer rotate rapidly on their own axis to lift up the materials, which can form two asymmetric screw flows along the cylinder wall from bottom to top. The driving arms of the conical mixer machine make the spirals to revolve, allowing the materials out of the helical devices to go into the envelope line of the screw bolt. Some materials are interlaced to elevate, while others are threw away from the cylinder in order to continually update and disperse the substances on the full circumference.

The cone screw mixer with high speed forces the lifted materials to go towards the center in order to produce a downward material flow, which can supply the cavity at the bottom to form a convective circulation. Therefore the supplies can be mixed equally in a shorter time with a relatively higher accuracy. The operating fluid need to be blended will be input through revolving joint of the conical screw mixer to spray evenly on the moving materials in the cylinder via pipeline and sprinkler head.

Parameters of Conical Mixer

Model Volume (m3) One-time mixing volume (kg) Dimension D×L(mm) Power (kw)
TOP41-1 0.01 6-15 350×1050 0.37
TOP41-2 0.03 12-25 450×1200 0.37
TOP41-3 0.05 20-35 530×1400 0.75
TOP41-4 0.08 32-50 580×1680 1.1
TOP41-5 0.1 60-100 650×1800 1.5
TOP41-6 0.3 120-200 900×2000 2.2
TOP41-7 0.5 200-350 1160×2900 3
TOP41-8 1 400-700 1440×3400 4
TOP41-9 1.5 600-1000 1580×3650 4
TOP41-10 2 800-1400 1730×3850 5.5
TOP41-11 2.5 1000-1700 1800×4000 7.5

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