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Mixing Support

Mixing Support

The mixing stands are practical accessories to be used in agitators or dispersing machines. These mixing brackets are suitable for mixing pool of water supply and drainage project, mixing between raw water and various medicaments, and reaction process stirring. The portable agitator stands are designed and manufactured to make your job easier. The mixing stands provide various types for users to select, such as mobile stands and floor or wall mounted stands.

Features of Mixing Support
1. This mixing bracket has adjustable swing arm and variable height adjustment, which allows using different size buckets.
2. The mixing stands can move forward, back, up and down so the users can stir in a mixing vessel or wheelbarrow without dead angle.
3. The portable agitator stands can be locked into position so the users can do continuous mixing. This can save time.
4. The mixing stands are easy to store and transport.
5. The mixing bracket equipped with different mixers are ideal for mixing tough and sticky materials such as bitumen, two-component materials, prefab filler, epoxies and more.

With 10 years experience in this field, ZZ Group. has the ability to manufacture and supply professional mixer machinery and mixing stands. We adopt ISO9001: 2008 international standard management system to run our company. In addition, we export our mixer machine and mixing brackets to more than 30 countries and regions, such as Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Canada, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and Mexico. We take responsibility for our agitation equipment as well as mixing stands and commit to carry our one-year warranty.

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