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Cyanide Destruction Mixer

Mixer for cyanide destruction plays an important role in gold processing operations, which utilizes cyanide leaching to prevent the toxic chemicals from releasing into the environment. The highest concentration of cyanide is contained in the tailings slurry. After gold ore is recovered from gold ore slurry, the slurry must be detoxified prior to disposal. It is an effective way to use SO2 and air to destroy the cyanide in dense slurry.

It is significant to provide a proper agitator for blending, solid suspension and gas dispersion to destroy all the cyanide prior to releasing the slurry to the tailings pond. In order to achieve the required cyanide destruction requirements, we offer extremely robust system which includes the mixer for cyanide destruction.

Application Industry
The mixer for cyanide destruction manufactured by ZZ Group is broadly used in petrochemistry, paint and coating, dyestuff, pharmacy, food, cosmetics, cyanide destruction process, chemical, sewage treatment, paper-making, metallurgy industries. A number of our mixing equipments have won patents for national invention and utility model.

ZZ Group. is a professional agitator manufacturer and mixing equipment supplier in China. Our agitators have been used in the projects of both domestic and international famous enterprises, such as NGK, BOE, Asahi Kasei, SONY, Hitech Semiconductor, Nippon Polyurethane, Danisco, Daqing Oil Field, Baosteel and WISCO. We can offer mixer for cyanide destruction which is more optimized and reliable as well as lower process maintenance and operation costs. If you need mixing equipment, please contact us.

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