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Gold Leaching Agitator

Gold leaching agitator is mainly used for gold leaching. Meanwhile this gold leaching equipment is also available for wet leaching test in laboratory of the universities and scientific research departments. The gold leaching agitator is also suitable for metallurgical, geological, chemical, environmental protection industries.

Composition of Gold Leaching Agitator
This gold leaching equipment consists of main shaft transmission, frame member, outer inflatable component, agitating tank, circulating cylinder, turning apparatus and the electrical control components.

Features of Leaching Agitator
1. This gold leaching equipment is equipped with more than one leach tank, and the main engine has a high utilization.
2. Adopting alternative current inverter, this gold leaching agitator has a wide stirring speed adjustment range. It can smoothly change speed and leach quickly.
3. This gold leaching agitator employs frequency conversion technology to make sure that the speed can be precisely adjusted and the mixer can run reliably.
4. Equipped with a temperature control device, this gold leaching equipment can display the liquid temperature in the tank at any time.
5. Only need to gently revolve the handle at the right can make the motor and impeller stirring part do vertical movement, that is safe and effort saving.

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