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Homogenizers Agitator

Homogenizer agitator is a kind of device for homogenizing and emulsifying liquid and liquid-solid materials with the viscosity less than 0.2Pa.s and the temperature below 80℃. Homogenization is to disperse the ingredients into a uniform particle size. This homogenizing mixer is applicable for food and chemical industry, such as dairy products, beverage, cosmetics, biomedicine, ointment, paint, pigment, printing ink, and papermaking.

Features of Homogenizing Mixer
1. This homogeneous machine has many advantages, such as stable operation, convenient to clean, mobile and flexible as well as low noise.
2. The homogenizer agitator can be continuously used and can immensely disperse and emulsify the materials. It is broadly used for the emulsification, homogenization and dispersion of the industrial production.
3. This homogenizing mixer has the ability to make the ingredients into refining mixed under the triple effects of squeezing and grinding, strong impact and loss of pressure expansion. The homogenizer agitator is an important device for the food, dairy and beverage industry.
4. When the dairy liquid is homogenized under high pressure, its fat globules can be significantly refined which makes the products after eating easy to digest and absorb.
5. When this homogenizing mixer is used in the production of ice cream, it can improve the fineness, cleanliness and looseness of the material liquid and the inner quality.
6. If the homogeneous machine is used for the production of emulsion, glue, fruit juice and serous liquid, it will prevent materials from stratifying and enhance the appearance so that the products may have bright color, strong fragrance and mellow taste.

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