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Bottom Entry Magnetic Mixers

Bottom Entry Magnetic Mixers

Bottom entry magnetic agitator adopts static seal structure of isolation sets and uses strong magnetic field to deliver torque with non-contact, which can ensure permanent leak-free. This magnetic stirrer is generally used in the flammable, explosive, high-pressure occasion and the occasion full of toxic medium.

Features of Bottom Entry Magnetic Mixers
1. This bottom entry magnetic agitator is workable in the temperature range from -60℃ to 350℃.
2. This magnetic stirrer can be operated with the pressure between -0.1 and 22MPa
3. Output torque of this bottom entry magnetic agitator is less than 5000 N. M.
4. Mixing speed of this bottom entry mixer is less than1500 rpm.

When selecting our bottom entry magnetic agitator, customers need to specify using temperature and pressure as well as the information whether any corrosive materials and solid particles are contained. The connecting flange of this magnetic stirrer can also be customized according to the criteria of customers.

Main Technical Standards of Bottom Entry Magnetic Agitator

Model Power(KW) speed(r/min) Installation size Configuration size Mixing form
D D1 D2 N-φ z f L H
TDC30 0.75-1.5 0-1000 240 200 150 8-φ18 3 320 165 Push type, paddle type
TDC50 2.2-4 0-1000 300 265 230 8-φ18 3 450 186 Push type, impeller type
TDC200 5.5 0-1000 350 300 250 12-φ18 3 530 243 Push type, impeller type
TDC800 7.5 0-1000 450 400 350 12-φ18 5 650 266 Push type, impeller type
TDC1600 11 0-1000 550 500 450 12-φ18 5 700 338 Push type, impeller type

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