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Mixing Agitator

Mixing agitator utilizes mechanical force and gravity to make two or more kinds of materials mix uniformly. The design and model selection of the industrial mixers is closely integrated with the stirring purpose. Different stirring processes will be accomplished with various mixing agitators. When designing and selecting the ribbon blender, firstly we determine the model of the mixing impeller, motor power and stirring speed according to the agitating goals and requirements. Then the speed reducer, frame, stirring shaft and shaft seal are selected.

Application Industry
The mixing agitators can be used in syrup, shampoo, washes water, juice concentrate, yogurt, desserts, mixed milk products, printing ink, and porcelain glaze.

Features of Industrial Mixers
1. The series conical mixers are able to stir the coarse material, fine stuff, superfine powder and other particles, fibers or flaky substances very well. The two asymmetrical helixes of this mixing agitator can rotate rapidly on their own axis to lift up the materials.
2. The industrial mixers have a good mixing homogeneity, which can mingle materials equally at the ratio of 1:10000. Blending the substances with different specific gravities will obviously show its advantages.
3. The spiral ribbon blender is equipped with standardized stirring driving box to ensure a stable operation and low maintenance cost. With special geometrical O shape circle, the mixing agitator is carried on high quality surface treatment. What’s more, this spiral ribbon mixer eliminates the dead angle.
4. DLL type ribbon blender is specially designed for hybrid reaction and heat transfer of materials with high viscosity and high solid content. This industrial mixer can be equipped with different impellers according to the demands of diverse viscosity, inventory and heat transfer.

ZZ Group. manufactures and supplies mixing agitators and mixing equipments in China. Our products mainly include mixing impeller, portable agitator, magnetic stirrer, belt drive agitator, gear drive mixer, ribbon blender, mud scraper mixer machine, industrial mixer, in-line mixer, submersible mixer and mixing support. We adopt ISO9001: 2008 international standard management system to manufacture our agitators. If you need mixing agitator, please contact us.

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