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Concentrate Storage Agitators

The mixing agitators manufactured by ZZ Group are broadly used in petrochemistry, paint and coating, dyestuff, pharmacy, food, cosmetics, chemical, sewage treatment, paper-making, metallurgy industries. The agitator for concentrate storage must uniformly suspend the slurry throughout the tanks, disperse the added oxygen, and evenly distribute the activated carbon throughout the slurry. We offer various impellers for the different levels of solid suspension required for slurry storage.

Features of Agitator for Concentrate Storage
1. The storage tank agitator is easy to operate, and used for liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, and solid-solid mixing processes.
2. The agitator for concentrate storage has strong stirring capacity and high circulating ability.
3. The mixing agitator is used for resuspension and mixing storage tanks.
4 Agitator for concentrate storage includes a slurry container and an upwardly extending passageway.
5. The concentrate slurry is stored in a large agitated tank prior to dewatering.

ZZ Group. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mixing agitator and mixing equipment in China. With multiple experts, we are a national hi-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and research and development of agitator for concentrate storage and transmission for stirring pot. Our products mainly include mixing impeller, mixers, portable mixer, magnetic agitator, belt drive mixer, storage tank agitator, mixing agitator and mixing stands. If you need more information about ouragitator for concentrate storage, please contact us.

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