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DP Belt Drive Top Entry Mixers

DP Belt Drive Top Entry Mixers

DP belt drive agitators adopt high strength belt transmission, which enables to change mechanical seal without removing the motor and emptying the materials in the tank. DP belt drive top entry mixer is widely used in power plant, desulphurization, methane fermentation, environmental protection, papermaking and petrochemical industries.

Features of DP Belt Drive Top Mounted Agitator
1. The belt drive top entry mixers consist of electrical motor, belt pulley, shaft, mechanical seal, leaking stop device and mixing impeller.
2. Characteristics of this DP belt drive agitator include high stirring effect, low power consumption as well as easy maintenance
3. This DP belt drive top entry mixer can adopt multiple sealing modes, such as the mechanical seal and packing seal.
4. With compact appearance, the belt drive agitator offers stable and reliable operation as well as long service life

When selecting our DP top mounted agitators, users need to point out using temperature and pressure, whether having the feature of solid particles and corrosive medium.

Main Technical Standards of Belt Drive Agitator

Series Speed (rpm) Power (KW) D D1 D2 f N-ΦZ F S E L H A B Weight
DP1 350(4P) 0.75 Φ315 Φ285 Φ240 3 8-Φ14 40 40 110 200 580 420 200 58
1.1 62
1.5 70
230(6P) 0.55 64
0.75 67
1.1 75
DP2 350(4P) 2.2 Φ360 Φ320 Φ260 3 12-Φ18 50 50 130 200 600 450 220 94
3 98
4 105
230(6P) 1.5 98
2.2 110
3 125
DP3 350(4P) 5.5 Φ400 Φ355 Φ295 3 12-Φ23 60 60 145 200 650 470 250 158
7.5 171
11 215
230(6P) 4 170
5.5 185
7.5 225
DP4 350(4P) 15 Φ460 Φ415 Φ360 5 16-Φ23 75 75 185 200 880 650 350 264
18.5 300
22 340
230(6P) 11 310
15 360
DP5 350(4P) 30 Φ460 Φ510 Φ450 5 16-Φ27 85 85 195 250 964 745 420 480

1. The weight of DP belt drive agitator in this form is the approximate weight, excluding the weight of mixing shaft and impeller inside the container.
2. The dimension M depends on the size of the user’s container
3. The dimension D in the form is decided according to the mixing purpose of user, stirring volume and physical parameters, which should be subject to the real object.
4. The weight of motor is the approximate weight of the general indoor motor, which may vary with the different manufacturers and types of motors.
5. Other rotary speed of top mounted agitator may be customized by users.

Top Mixer is equipped with various product portfolio of stirring devices. We can offer mixer machines like belt drive agitators which are more optimized and reliable as well as lower process maintenance and operation costs. We also provide mixing impeller, portable agitator, magnetic stirrer, DP belt drive top entry mixer, coaxial agitator, belt drive agitator, submersible mixer and mud scraper for customers to select. We adopt professional standard specifications and strict quality management system to ensure the mixing equipment as well as top mounted agitator meets the demands of customers.

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