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CR Gear Drive Side Entry Agitator

CR Gear Drive Side Entry Agitator

CR gear drive side entry agitator adopts the GLEASON gear to make transmission. This gear drive mixer is able to completely solve the leakage problem and ensure the working places safe and clean. There is no need to expel the materials when changing the mechanical seal, which just need to start the leaking stop device.

Features of CR Gear Drive Side Entry Agitator:
1. This gear drive mixer is composed of motor, GLEASON gear, gearbox, mechanical seal, shaft, impeller and leaking stop device.
2. Characteristics of this CR gear drive side entry agitator include high transmission efficiency, no slip error, accuracy and stable operation, energy saving and so on.
3. It can adopt mechanical seal or packing seal.
4. CR gear drive mixer can reach the highest efficiency with less power consumption. And the power consumption is only 1/3~2/3 of the general center mixers.

When selecting gear drive side entry agitator, customers need to mark out using temperature and pressure, whether having the feature of solid particles and corrosion.

Main Technical Standards of CR Gear Drive Side Entry Agitator  

Series Speed Power A B L D D1 D2 f K N-Φz DJ Weight
CR1 325(4P) 2.2 600 683 Designed by customer 360 320 260 3 650 12-Φ18 100-350 266
215(6P)   1.5
CR2 325(4P) 5.5 850 683 490 445 413 3 750 16-Φ22   300-450   533
215(6P) 4
CR3 318(4P) 11 1050 819 595 555 518 5 950 22-Φ26   400-550 895
210(6P) 7.5
CR4 303(4P)   18.5 1380 1023 750 705 667 5 1100 24-Φ26 500-700 1238
200(6P) 15
CR5 303(4P) 30 1580 1220 860 810 772 5 1500 24-Φ26 500-700 1455

1. The weight in this form is the approximate weight, excluding the weight of suspension or foundation support.
2. The weight of motor is the approximate weight of the general indoor motor, which may vary with the different manufacturers and types of motors. Please regard the designed weight as standard.
3. If the wall thickness of CR gear drive side entry agitator is too thin and its strength is insufficient, please use the suspension and foundation support and other accessory equipment to reinforce.
4. The impeller and the length of shaft can be customized according to the requirements of users.

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