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GN Mud Scraper

GN Mud Scraper

CN mud scraper mixer machine is specially used to remove sludge from the equipments in sedimentation tank, concentration basin and floating pond of wastewater treatment. As a scraping mud machine, this centre drive mud scraper mainly composes of the work of bridge, scraping board, driving device, transmission shaft and scraping arm. The mud scraper mixer machine is applied to iron and steel, metallurgy, mine, water treatment and other industries. It can be divided into centre drive mud scraper and peripheral transmission mud scraper.

Features of GN Mud Scraper
1. Characteristics of this mud scraper mixer machine are simple structure, smooth operation and low power consumption.
2. The centre drive mud scraper machine is a kind of ideal sludge removal equipment with low rotary speed and large torque.
3. The lower speed CN mud scraper mixer machine adopts various security measures in order to ensure safety.

We export our centre drive mud scraper and mixing machine to Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Canada, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and Mexico. What’s more, our mixing impeller, portable agitator, magnetic stirrer, belt drive agitator, gear drive mixer, mud scraper mixer machine, coaxial agitator, submersible mixer and mixing stands have won patents for national invention and utility model.

Main Technical Standards of GN Mud Scraper

Power Model Speed Size Torque
0.37 GN1(742) 0.26 870 480 455 495 90 12-Φ18 Designed   by customer 2400
0.55 GN2(842) 0.12 930 490 510 555 100 12-Φ23 4600
0.75 GN3(953) 0.11 1064 550 560 620 125 16-Φ23 8300
1.1 GN4(1063) 0.084 1198 650 650 700 140 16-Φ27 11000
1.5 GN5(117) 0.08 1490 800 810 880 160 20-Φ27 22000
3 GN6(1285) 0.03 1968 840 940 1020 180 20-Φ33 30000
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