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Food Agitator

Food mixer is a kitchen appliance used for mixing, beating, chopping and smashing food ingredients. A food agitator consists of motor, a bowl with a lid and feed tube, and a set of attachments. The working principle of this food mixing machine is to repeatedly whip and smash the food under the water flow action based on the high-speed revolution of the blades at the bottom of the mixing bowl. The food agitator also can make juice, blend butter, beat cake batter and egg whites, and grind meat and vegetables.

Features of Food Mixer
1. This food mixing machine adopts full-gear mechanical drive structure with high standard design, which offers high strength and stable performance.
2. The food agitators have 3 grades of stirring speed, and equipped with egg whisk, mixing impeller and spiral dough mixer. They can be used for blending cream, mixing stuff and flour.
3. This food mixer has various advantages, such as well designed, tidy and appealing appearance, small size and light weight, and easy operation as well as low noise and low cost.
4. The food mixing machine is a kind of ideal equipment for churning ingredients and kneading dough in restaurants, hotels, and bakery as well as food manufacturers.
5. The food agitators with high efficiency are durable and easy to clean. It can produce high-quality pastries.

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