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Municipal Wastewater Agitator

This agitator for wastewater treatment is mainly composed of motor, reducer, frame and impeller. The wastewater treatment equipment can be used for blending, stirring and circulating in municipal and industry sewage treatment process. The class F motor winding insulation is matched with the aeration system, which allows this agitator for wastewater treatment to improve the oxygen content obviously and prevent precipitation effectively.

Features of Municipal Wastewater Agitator
1. The agitator for wastewater treatment adopts two ways of mechanical seals to ensure the motor can run reliably and permanently.
2. This municipal wastewater treatment equipment uses sweptback blades to prevent sundry from winding.
3. This liquid mixers can be equipped with multilevel motor and direct connection structure to produce high efficiency with low power consumption.
4. Other characteristics of the agitator for wastewater treatment are as follows: compact structure, simple operation and installation and long service life.

ZZ Group. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of agitator for wastewater treatment in China. Our agitator equipments are widely used in the field of petrochemistry, fine chemistry, biology, pharmacy, greasy food, cosmetics, chemical fiber, sewage treatment, paper-making, metallurgy and so on. We adopt professional standard specifications and strict quality management system to ensure the technologies and municipal wastewater treatment equipment can meet the demands of customers.

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