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Industry Spire Mixer

Industry Spire Mixer

Industrial spiral mixer is widely applied to chemical industry, pesticides, dyes, food, feed, building materials and rare earth. This screw mixer has an extensive adaptability to mixing materials, and will not produce overheating for thermal sensitive substance. In addition, this industrial spiral mixer will not press and grind the particle material. The spiral agitator can be added jacket at the outside of the mixer drum to achieve cooling or heating by injecting cold and hot medium to the jacket.

Features of Industrial Spiral Mixer
1. Conical shell can meet the demand of no residual mixing materials.
2. Gentle stirring speed will not damage fragile material.
3. The mixing effects of this industrial spiral mixer have a good coordination influence on the chemical reaction of the materials.
4. This screw mixer will not generate stratification and segregation phenomenon for the materials with different specific gravity and granularity.

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