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Backfill Mixing Agitator

The agitator for backfill is designed and manufactured with the capacity of fully suspending the fast settling sand slurry. Backfill process utilizes the ore tailings as an economical materials for backfilling the underground voids in the mine. In this mineral processing operation, volumes of fine mud should be removed after the valuable mineral materials have been abstracted.

Disposal of the waste slurry underground decreases the quantity which is existed in the tailings pond and is helpful to reduce the stresses in the walls of the underground mine. The mining plan is to start near the bottom of the ore body and fill the voids with hydraulic backfill consisting of a mixture of slurry, sand and cement. However, this operation demands that the backfill needs to be mixed and poured on a nearly continuous basis.

Advantages of Mixing Agitator for Backfill
1. The backfill mixing process can prevent the future collapse of the underground chambers and the formation of dangerous sinkholes.
2. This agitator for backfill produces highly homogeneous mixtures, is economical to operate and absolutely reliable.
3. We have abundant experience in designing and manufacturing a variety of agitator for backfill and side entry mixers.
4. The perfect test equipment and stirring practical application technology make us produce high quality mixing equipments.
5. Our agitator for backfill and mixing equipments are available throughout the country and in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Southeast Asia.

With multiple experts, we are a national hi-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and research and development of mixing equipment and transmission for stirring pot. Our products mainly include mixing impeller, portable mixer, magnetic agitator, belt drive mixer, scattering agitator, mixing agitator for backfill and mixing stands. We adopt ISO9001 international standard management system to manufacture our mixing equipment. We would like to establish long-term stable business relationships with longstanding and prospective customers.

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