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Coaxial Agitator

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Two Speed Coaxial Agitator
Two Speed Coaxial Agitator

The double speed mixer is designed to solve the dispersing problems, such as mixture between high viscosity fluid and low viscosity fluid, dispersion and emulsification of high viscosity fluid. The inside and outside impellers of this coaxial agitator operate...

This coaxial agitator integrates high-speed disperser and low-speed strong mixing into one machine. Its two impellers with independent drive and control system run in opposite directions on one single axis. This coaxial mixer is used in chemicals, pesticide, printing and dyeing assistants, pharmacy, and coating industries. This coaxial agitator is a type of ideal equipment for mixing and dispersing. The coaxial mixers can be designed and manufactured according to the properties of the materials and the requirements of the production technology.

Features of Coaxial Agitator
1. This machine with axial flow blades are suitable for mixing, heat transfer, circulating and dissolving in mid-and-high viscous materials.
2. Characteristics of this coaxial mixer include easy installation and disassembly, low shear force, strong circulation, high dispersing effect.
3. This machinery integrates different processes in one machine.
4. The coaxial agitator is fit for operation in explosive atmospheres.
5. It adopts welding methods to manufacture and has various specifications.
6. This coaxial mixer provides short batch processing times, increased plant throughput and reduced vessel, pump and heat exchanger costs.

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