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Chemicals Agitator

The chemical mixer can disperse, emulsify, homogenize and toning the materials, meanwhile it owns a variety of functions such as mixing, reaction, merging and anti-settling. This chemical agitator is made of motor, stirring shaft and impeller. The chemical mixing machine is designed to mix chemical compounds for industrial production and other purposes. This chemical mixer is widely used in paint, coating, dye, food, cosmetics and adhesive chemical industries.

Features of Chemical Agitator
1. The paints and coatings agitator makes the materials quickly roll in the container in order to achieve no dead angle mixing.
2. With strong power and high effect, this chemical mixer is mostly suitable for dissolving and stirring the insoluble drugs in a short time.
3. The chemical mixing machine is small-sized and lightweight, but it can rotate at a high speed due to the direct connection to the motor.
4. This chemical agitator effectively reduces the installation height so that the cartridge mechanical seal can be configurable.
5. Characteristics of this chemical mixer are reliable mechanical property, simple and flexible operation, low noise and durability.
6. Chemical mixing machine can be installed in any form of mixing tank with a little space. For open tank, the chemical mixers can be fixed on the support beam in the shape of square board.

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