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Pharmaceuticals Agitator

Pharmaceutical mixers are designed and manufactured to blend, emulsify, dissolve and suspend powders and granular materials. This pharmaceutical agitator is widely used in various applications and industries like medical, dye, electronics, glue, chemicals, fertilizer and pesticide, pharmaceuticals industries. The pharmaceutical mixer uses non-contact mixing to inspect the friction between the high-speed rotations of the vessel wall and blending objects.

Features of Pharmaceutical Agitator
1. This pharmaceutical mixer adopts fluctuation drive to obtain uniform mixing, meanwhile ensure the materials can be stratified without precipitation.
2. This pharmaceutical agitator utilizes centrifugal rate to make the materials evenly dispersed at the same time to remove submicron level bubble.
3. Without screw structure, the cavity of the pharmaceutical blender does not need to be cleaned, which not only can save time but have no materials consumption.
4. Characteristics of the pharmaceutical mixers are simple and smooth operation, large bearing capacity, long service life as well as low noise.

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