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Ribbon Mixing Agitator

Ribbon Mixing Agitator

V series spiral ribbon mixers are used for the blending of solid powder, such as fine chemicals, dyestuff, chemical fertilizer and metal powder. It can shear the sensitive crystal powder and mix batch products. Additionally, this ribbon blender machine can make the liquid mixed in the solid. With good design, V series spiral ribbon mixers are applicable to the general arrangement of typical chemical plants. The ribbon mixing agitators also fit to the dangerous places due to low peripheral speed.

Features of V Spiral Ribbon Mixers
1. This machine makes positive displacement to mix solid materials that flow freely.
2. The ribbon blender machine adopts cantilever shaft structure, and the bearing end does not contact the materials.
3. There is little interval between the agitating vane and the wall of container, which can prevent material from binding together.
4. The spiral ribbon mixer is equipped with standardized stirring driving box to ensure a stable operation and low maintenance cost.
5. With special geometrical O shape circle, the ribbon blender machine is carried on high quality surface treatment. What’s more, this ribbon mixing machine eliminates the dead angle.
6. The container can be heated or cooled by the external jacket.
7. The pulverizator is used to prevent materials from blocking.

Functions of Ribbon Mixing Agitator
1. The spiral ribbon mixer provides strong mixing effect to make the materials close to the wall of container ascend and the materials in the center descend.
2. This ribbon blender machine has the ability to mix the flowing granules softly and completely
3. Abundant materials can be mixed in a short time and can reach high standard homogeneous mixing.
4. This ribbon mixer can almost drain all the materials

Main Technical Standards of Spiral Ribbon Mixer

Model effective volume (L) Height (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
TOP-V1 106 1900 1000 800
TOP-V2 256 2300 1100 1000
TOP-V3 432 2500 1300 1500
TOP-V4 674 2900 1500 2000
TOP-V5 1107 3200 1700 3000
TOP-V6 1711 3500 2000 3500
TOP-V7 2500 4000 2200 4000
TOP-V8 4088 4400 2600 5000
TOP-V9 5454 4500 2600 5500
TOP-V10 7093 5100 3000 6500
TOP-V11 10077 6200 3400 10000
TOP-V12 16836 6900 3900 13000
TOP-V13 20216 7400 4600 16000
TOP-V14 26091 8000 5000 18000
TOP-V1 5 33007 8500 5400 20000

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