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Scattering Agitator

Dispersion mixer is designed to mix and scatter two or more liquid and powdery materials. This disperser with double impellers can disperse the liquid-solid phase of the materials at the same time. The scattering agitator will effectively weaken the follow-up phenomenon of the materials, thus accelerating the dispersion effect and shortening the mixing time.

Selection of Dispersion Mixer
Scattering agitator is suitable for the coating, printing ink, drug depolymerization, coating scattered, lipstick, vegetable soup, mustard mixture, catalyst, flatting agent, metal, pigment and modified asphalt.

Features of Dispersion Agitator
1. This dispersion mixer is a type of high efficient mixing equipment used for stirring and scattering the liquid and liquid-solid materials.
2. There is tiny absorption and reservation of the air and optimal mixing and equalizing effects when the disperser is stirring and dispersing the materials.
3. With medium and high speed, this scattering agitator can disperse and dissolve materials to smaller particle rapidly and efficiently.
4. This dispersion mixer possesses good features of stable and reliable performance, wide capacity range, low noise and strong shear force.

With multiple experts, we are a professional manufacturer and supplier of dispersion mixer and transmission for stirring pot. Our products mainly include mixing impeller, mixers, disperser, portable mixer, magnetic agitator, belt drive mixer, scattering agitator, mixing agitator and mixing stands. A number of our dispersion mixers have won patents for national invention and utility model. We export our dispersers to Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Canada, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and Mexico.

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