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GJ Blade Paddle Impeller

The impeller is designed to transfer the energy in the most effective way. This type GJ blade paddle impeller is suitable for low viscosity fluid flow control applications. This mixer impeller derives from type XJ, and this axial flow impeller is suitable for the reaction process of mixing, dispersion, solid-liquid, suspension, heat transfer and mass transfer in the low viscosity fluid.
This GJ axial flow impeller can also be used for high viscosity fluid mixing engineering by equipped with multilayer bladed.

1. This blade paddle impeller strengthens the liquid flow state at the end of the blade and enhances the shearing action.
2. The mixing efficiency and stirring effect is much better than that of the type XJ axial flow impeller.
3. The blade model of this mixer impeller is optional for different viscosity fluid.
4. Compared with type XJ pitched blade paddle impeller the manufacturing cost is relatively higher.
5. The diameter and rotate speed of this mixer impeller can be designed and manufactured according to the requirement and working condition of the users.

ZZ Group. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of blade paddle impeller in China. With multiple experts, we are a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and research and development of axial flow impeller and transmission for stirring pot. Our products mainly include mixer impeller, dispersator, portable mixer, magnetic agitator, belt drive mixer, scattering agitator, mixing agitator and mixing stands. We have exported our mixing machine as well as blade paddle impeller (axial flow impeller) to Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Canada, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and Mexico.

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